HOW can your business start using 1bank B2B APIs and reap the benefits of this technology?

STEP 1 - Ask your ERP technical team or vendor, to visit the Bank of Cyprus ( B2B APIs sandbox and obtain more information about the functionalities offered and how the integration with ERP systems can be achieved.

STEP 2 – Once you have decided to proceed, contact your Bank Relationship Officer to guide you through the necessary application process.

STEP 3 – Your ERP technical team starts the adaptation of your ERP system to achieve the desired level of interaction with the 1bank B2B APIs.  Your ERP technical team needs to create a user account on the B2B APIs sandbox and test the integration between your ERP and 1bank.  To facilitate this, the Bank offers a suitable testing environment.

STEP 4 – Once you have finished the integration and completed your testing, the credentials necessary for switching from the testing environment to the B2B APIs production environment will be generated and delivered to you through your Relationship Officer.

Should at any point in time, either during the implementation or afterwards, your Technical Team require assistance, feel free to contact us through the “Contact Us” option in Sandbox.

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