Important changes

regarding your cards



Inactive cards

Prepaid cards

All prepaid cards will now be mailed to customers as inactive. You can use your card at any point of sale, once you have activated it, using one of the following methods:

  1. Card activation via ATM by changing your PIN. Please note that an activation verification will not be given.
  2. Card activation via 1bank with your Digipass. If you are a subscriber, then you can visit 1bank via and follow the path Cards > Card / PIN Management > Activate Card. Activation can be done via Mobile Banking as well, by choosing from Card management the Card you wish.
  3. In addition to Prepaid cards, all cards issued with a new card number will also need activation, for example card reprint after theft or loss etc.

Card renewals, reprints due to product been worn out and cases in which new cards the card number remains the same, these will be activated.

New PIN generated, every time a card is reissued

According to the compliance guidelines of foreign organizations, your card PIN will always change when reissued and not just in the case of a new card being issued. The only exception is in the case of card renewal. More information regarding this change, will be available in the document that will be sent with your card. 

Payments made and amount due

Any credits made to your card account from the day the statement is issued, from which you are informed of the date and amount you are required to pay for your card, will henceforth count as payments for the amount due.

For example, if you have to pay €200 by a certain date and in the meantime you deposit or credit your card with a specific amount, then this amount will be regarded as payment for the owed amount on your account balance, and the amount due will be reduced. Therefore, you should always check the amount owed before depositing the amount you need to repay.

Card accounts

All card accounts have been reduced from 14 digits to 12 digits. The two last zero digits at the end of your account have been removed. Your IBAN number remains the same.

Account balance

Your card available balance is up to date after any transaction you make. However your Current Balance is not updated online. 


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