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Υour time is too precious to be wasted waiting in line or trudging from office to office. Now sign agreements, documents and applications, as well as carry out any type of digital transaction, without needing to be physically present. Your e-Signature affords you unlimited scope.

Use for

  • 1 Transactions with the government and any other organisation that supports e-Signatures
  • 2 Private agreements/contracts
  • 3 Digital files, documents, tenders

How to digitally sign Bank forms

1. Acquire a Digital Signature from the 1bank Mobile App. Watch the tutorial here.

2. Select one of the forms below for digital signature:

3. Fill out the form and sign it digitally through the JCC Signing Portal. See here how to do that.

4. Log into 1bank Internet Banking, create a new "Safe Message" and attach the digitally signed instruction, which will be forwarded to your Personal Banker.

More information

  • Under EU law (eIDAS (EU 910/2014)), a Qualified Electronic Signature is an encrypted set of digits and characters, issued by a qualified trust service provider such as JCC Payment Services Ltd.

    It is the most advanced form of signature, guaranteeing a document’s authenticity, providing protection against any tampering, and having the same legal force as a handwritten signature.

    • Creates a unique connection between the signature and the signatory.
    • Is generated in such a way that the person signing will know when and what he/she is signing.
    • Connects to the digital document signed, and any subsequent data modification is traceable.
    • Is based on a qualified electronic signature certificate.
  • Natural persons with a (valid) Cyprus ID. The cost is annual, at €23.

    • With your username and password, login to the 1bank Mobile Banking app and select the “Electronic Signature” menu.
    • Verify your personal data and follow the steps indicated to generate access codes to the JCC Trust Portal.
    • Once these steps are successfully completed you will receive an email, asking you to confirm your email address by clicking the link provided.
    • Next, login to the JCC Trust Portal, confirm all your data and upload your ID photo. Once this is done, your application will be pending and you will be notified of the outcome via SMS.
  • Download or update the Bank of Cyprus Mobile app, and follow the steps for issuing an e-Signature.

  • If you are not using the Bank of Cyprus Mobile app, you may apply to be issued with a digital certificate for an electronic signature by clicking here and followng the steps in JCC Payments Systems website. To do this you’ll need to provide your personal email address and your ID, and to be physically present at one of our branches.


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