Salary account

Manage all your everyday transactions, easily and efficiently

Apply through 1bank

0,25% discount on the interest rate

Deposit your salary to the Salary Account and enjoy its benefits :

  • Ability to obtain a limit of up to three monthly salaries (maximum €10.000)
  • Ability to obtain a limit (up to 1 net monthly salary-maximum €3000) on a VISA or MASTERCARD of your choice, with free subscription for the first year (applies only for NEW cardholders)
  • First chequebook free of charge
  • Immediate notification of you transactions via SMS
  • Ability to manage your accounts online 24 hours a day

Withdrawal rights

  • Within 5 business days of the date of conclusion of the agreement, when the facility is secured with mortgage on a house
  • Within 14 calendar days of the date of its conclusion of the agreement, when the facility is secured with personal guarantees

Find out more on our current interest rates here.


 The Bank reserves the right to reject any application at its sole discretion and withdraw any plan at any time. If you do not keep up with your repayment plan, you may lose your house.


You have access to your money:

  • By issuing cheques
  • By using the Direct Visa Card for your purchases
  • At ATMs in Cyprus, at no extra cost

Other benefits:

  • You can issue a bank order to automatically pay loan installments, insurance premiums, utility bills, etc.
  • Your account is automatically credited with your monthly salary.
  • There are no initial bank fees
Need more information?
  • 800.00.800
  • Calling from abroad +357 22128000
  • Service hours
  • Monday to Friday, 07:45 until 18:00
  • Saturday and Sunday 09:00 - 17:00
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