Payroll - Quick and Easy

Create and execute your company's payroll, quick and easy using 1bank Payroll function through 1bank

Create Payroll

The Payroll function of the 1bank Internet Banking allows you to create and execute your payroll quickly and easily in the following two ways:

  • Via file upload: The file can be extracted  directly from your software (Click here for      the technical specifications of the file format)
  • Through the 1bank payroll function, which allows you to setup and execute payroll
Multiple Signatures

Additionally, companies that perform their payroll through 1bank, can setup a multiple signatures scheme in order to ensure that all the necessary approvals have been provided before the execution of the payroll.

Your benefits
  • Executing multiple employee payments with a single click.
  • Ability to save and print your instructions.
  • Maintain file listing for payrolls that have already been executed.
  • Ability to create payroll for up to six months before the execution date.
  • Registration and execution of payroll are offered free to 1bank subscribers.
Enroll Payroll Function today

To enrol to the Payroll function, please contact your personal banker. For more information regarding your enrolment you may contact our 1bank Call Centre. 


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