Digipass Go3

Digipass Go 3 is a small and light device which you can always carry with you. It generates a one time dynamic secret code by simply pressing a button.


This type of device is not offered for new applications and its usage will stop after the September 13th, 2019.

It’s used for transactions (payments, transfers, etc.) to third parties in combination with your User ID and Passcode

It ensures that even if someone finds out your access codes, no transaction to third parties can be executed.

In case of “low battery” you need to order one of the new Digipass (SMS Digipass or Digipass APP) with the corresponding cost according to the type of device. For more information regarding the new Digipass, click here.

  • connect to 1bank (internet, phone or mobile), prepare your transfer to a third party in      Cyprus or abroad and press "Submit"
  •  the system will ask you for a Digipass Code
  • press the button on the Digipass Go3 device and use the six-digit code that appears on the screen of the device
  • repeat each time you execute a new transaction.
In case you lose your device

Contact the 1bank Call Center: 

  • 800 00 800
  • +357 22 128000 from abroad

When our call centre is closed, you can lock your access codes by entering your Passcode incorrectly 3 times. Also, you can change your Passcode online.

Disposal of a Digipass device

A Digipass device is considered an Electrical/Electronic equipment. It is very important that this device is not disposed of as normal household waste.

For more information regarding the safe disposal of the Digipass device, click here.


SMS Digipass & Digipass App 1bank new Digipass, for convenience and enhanced security More
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