Wedding Gifts - FAQs

For the guests

How to transfer funds through the QuickPay "Wedding Gifts" service

For the newlyweds

Advantages of the QuickPay "Wedding Gifts" service

How to enrol at the QuickPay "Wedding Gifts" service

How to be informed of the wedding gifts received


For the guests 

How to transfer funds through the QuickPay "Wedding Gifts" service  

  1. Login to the QuickPay service and select "Wedding Gifts."
  2. Enter the unique code provided by the couple. The description of the wedding will appear (e.g. "Tasos and Linas Wedding") in order to verify the beneficiary before the execution of the transfer.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. In the "sender’s name" field, the account name will automatically appear. You can change the name in case you are sending the gift on behalf of a third party (up to 34 characters).
  5. In the section "message to beneficiary", you can optionally enter any message or wish for the newlyweds (up to 37 characters).    
  6. With the completion of the transaction, you will receive a transfer confirmation SMS and a Thank You message, if the couple has set one.


For the Newlyweds 

Advantages of the QuickPay "Wedding Gifts" service 

  1. Receiving funds as wedding gifts directly to a joint account for extra security.
  2. Sending a personalized Thank You SMS, upon the receipt of funds.
  3. The detailed information regarding the received gifts will be available at the 1bank Internet Banking. You will not receive an SMS for each wedding gift.

How to enrol at the QuickPay "Wedding Gifts" service 

  1. Visit a Bank of Cyprus branch.
  2. The Customer Service Officer will issue the code that will be connected to your account. The account should be joint and be opened for wedding gift purposes.  However, credit cards, loans, fixed deposits and foreign currency accounts are excluded. The code consists of  the word WED-plus 6 digits (e.g. WED-934582).
  3. Define the description for your wedding, e.g. "Tasos and Lina’s Wedding." The description will be provided to the sender for verification purposes before the completion of the transfer (up to 30 characters).
  4. Set the period for which you wish to receive "Wedding Gifts" through the QuickPay service. After this period, the code will be automatically inactivated. Visit any one of our branches, if you wish to either extend the validity of the code or inactivate it.
  5. Select a Thank You message that will be received by the sender e.g. “Thank you for your Wishes and Gift” (up to 130 characters).
  6. Provide your guests with the code (through your invitations).

How to be informed of the wedding gifts received

  • If you are a 1bank subscriber, you can be informed through the option transaction history or e-statement through Internet Banking. 
  • If you are not a 1bank subscriber, then you can be informed through your official account statement. 

The details for every credit will appear on the description as follows:

QuickPay Event WED-934582 Tasos and Linas Wedding From Niki Nikolaidou: Best Wishes for your Wedding


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