Prepaid Visa

Do you need better planning and control of your spending on shopping, traveling and entertainment? There is a way –the Prepaid Visa! Choose the amount you want and carry out your transactions with ease and security.


  • Participation in the antamivi Scheme: The Scheme rewards points for your daily transactions with Bank of Cyprus cards. You earn points every time you use your cards to purchase from businesses participating in the Scheme. You can also redeem them at these businesses, paying less or no money.
  • Free withdrawals from Bank of Cyprus ATMs in Cyprus.
  • Participation in Card Scheme Draw.


  • Top up at our branches, ATMs and 1bank
  • Available in two colors, blue and pink
  • Offered to individuals of 12 years of age and over
  • Use in Cyprus and abroad
  • 24-hour ATM service
  • Greater security with SMS Alert.
  • Contactless technology


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