Financing Solutions

Overdraft Limits

Customised limits that suit your working capital needs and accommodate both daily and seasonal fluctuations in liquidity.

Term Loans

Loans with flexible terms and conditions, set according to your specific cash flow requirements and profile (fixed/floating interest rate, euro or foreign currency denominated, tailored repayment schedule to match cash flow projections).

Asset Finance

Credit line or ad-hoc hire purchase facilities, leasing agreements, stock finance limits, prepayment limits which mitigate the need for additional collaterals and allow flexibility in selecting the preferred currency, interest rate and repayment schedule.

Trade Finance

Through our extensive network, we provide a number of options to facilitate your trade flows and cross-border transactions, enhancing your competitiveness and potential for growth.

We also offer customised limits for a variety of trade finance products, such as letters of guarantee, documentary credits, bills of exchange, coupled with the necessary foreign 

European Financing Schemes

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Restart Business Loan Interest rate subsidy of up to 3.50% by the Ministry of Finance, for working capital, business premises, or investments within the Republic of Cyprus. Learn more
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