Restart business loan with interest rate subsidy


  • Loan with interest rate subsidy of up to €3,50%

    Get a loan with interest rate subsidy of up to €3,50% by the State, for a 4-year period. Applies to working capital, business premises, or investments within the Republic of Cyprus.

  • Up to €1.800.000 in financing

    The maximum loan amount is determined by the field of activity of the business. In any case, it cannot exceed €1.800.000.

  • Repayment from 4 to 20 years

    The repayment period is up to 4 years for working capital loans and up to 20 years for investments inside the Republic of Cyprus and business premises.

All your questions answered

  • Self-employed persons, very small, small, medium and large businesses.

  • Exempt are business loans for which the interest rate is subsidised through another government scheme.

  • The loan must be disbursed within 6 months of the date of approval.

  • Loan pricing depends on the collateral. A loan with a mortgage on a property will be priced with a lower interest than a loan secured only by personal guarantees.

  • A floating interest rate applies for the whole duration of the loan.

  • Yes, there's a grace period of to 12 months on the principal, and up to 12 months on the principal or on the principal plus the interest where the property is under construction (business premises).

  • The interest rate is subsidised for a maximum of 4 years, and is set as follows:

    • for the first 2 years: 3.50%
    • for the 3rd and 4th years:
      • 2.00% for self-employed persons, very small, small and medium businesses 
      • 1.50% for large businesses.
  • Please ask staff at our branches.