Business Premises

To purchase, extend or renovate your own business premises, or even for buying another property for investment

Loan amount

For the purchase of property you will have to contribute an amount from your own funds and the balance will be financed by us. The contribution required varies depending on the purpose of the purchase as follows:

  • For the purchase of business premises in a light industrial/industrial/free zone we would ask for a contribution of 20%.
  •  For the purchase of business premises in a residential zone we would ask for a contribution of 30%.
  •  For the purchase of property for investment purposes we would ask for a contribution of 40% (for buildings) or 50% (for plot of land/field)

Repayment period

  • Up to 20 years


Usually, a mortgage is taken on the property to be purchased/extended/renovated.

Grace period

A grace period is given for the repayment of the loan, in other words, an opportunity to pay a very low instalment (only the interest) or no instalment at all as follows:

  •  Up to 12 months on capital, for a purchase/extension/renovation and investment
  •  Up to 12 months on capital, or interest and capital, if the property is under construction (not applicable if the loan is granted for investment purposes). 

Choice of interest rate

  • Fixed interest rate for 3 or 5 years.  Thereafter the interest rate fluctuates.
  • Floating interest for the whole of the loan term.

Find out more on our current interest rates here

Minimum repayment period

  • 10 years for a loan with floating interest rate
  • 15 years for a loan with fixed interest rate.
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