Internal measures

to protect our staff and our customers

  • A dedicated page has been designed on the Bank's portal, where staff can get daily updates on developments and regarding the implementation of Ministry of Health instructions.
  • Guidance provided to our staff by a team of doctors and psychologists as part of the Well at Work programme.

  • Launching of Yammer, an interactive social networking service providing ongoing, immediate and two-way communication among our staff both inside and outside the workspace.
  • Encouragement of remote work and flexible working arrangements, where possible and subject to approval by the relevant Division Director in consultation with Human Resources and Operational Risk.
  • Enhancement of measures relating to trips and movements: Suspension of all professional trips overseas, to be replaced by teleconferencing or videoconferencing, and strict advice on avoiding personal trips overseas. Suspension of our associates' trips to Cyprus.
  • Replacement of internal and external meetings by teleconferencing/videoconferencing.
  • Postponement of all scheduled seminars at the Group's Educational Centres island-wide, and postponement of registrations for non-Bank seminars in Cyprus and/or overseas during the months of March and April.
  • Placement of antiseptic gels at all branches/departments, and instructions on strict observance of personal hygiene.
  • Cancellation of all mass gatherings in closed spaces.
  • Suspension of all social functions or activities.
  • Suspension of the use of the Sports Centre.
  • Suspension of the operation of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation.
  • All meetings between staff, regardless of the building or the storey, are strictly held by teleconferencing or videoconferencing.
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