Just do what you have been doing every year, and win €300

Is it that time of year again, when you have to pay for next years’ tuition fees and all that goes with it? Books, uniforms, school bags….  and the list is endless.

But look on the bright side – you could win €300 in antamivi points! The only requirement needed for you to be one of the 25 lucky winners, is to do what you have always been doing.

Pay for the tuition fees and everything related to your children’s education such as books, uniforms, and school bags, with your Bank of Cyprus cards, and enter our draw to win antamivi points worth of €300. Offer valid until the 15th of October, 2021. 

And don’t   forget, if you want to increase your chances, get triple entries by performing a transaction at one of the companies of the Antamivi Reward Scheme.

Good luck!

To see the Terms & Conditions that apply press  here.




  • 1 25 winners - 5 every month
  • 2 Each one € spent equals to one entry in the draw
  • 3 Each winner will win from 30.000 ανταμοιβή points worth €300
  • 4 The draws will take place within the first 10 days each month and the winners will be announced below


    • Pericles Spyrou
    • Mohammed AM Yaghi
    • Shakti Mullick
    • Milena Tzantidou
    • Nikolas Tsangari
    • Demetris Zorpas 
    • Monica Shiakou
    • Simos Schizas
    • Demetra Savvidou
    • Popi Efstathiou