Pay with your BoC Wallet and win €300

5 lucky winners every month until the 31/12/2021. This year pay easily and fast with your BoC wallet and get the chance to win €300 on your card.

  • 1 Make your transactions with your BoC Wallet until 31 December 2021
  • 2 Enter a monthly draw where 5 lucky winners earn €300 each
  • 3 The more transactions you make with your BoC Wallet, the more chances you have, to be one of the 60 lucky winners of 2021
  • 4 Each transaction is equivalent to one entry in the draw

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More Information

    • Customers that will make payment by using BOC Wallet App using any Bank of Cyprus
    • card, in businesses in Cyprus and abroad, will enter a draw to win €300 cash in their card.
    • The Promotion will work as follows:
      • the draw will be held once a moth
      • 5 winners will be drawn each month
      • Each winner will receive €300 each in their card
    • This promotion will be valid from 01/01/2021 until 31/12/2021.
    • Necessary condition for a customer to win the above mentioned is to make at least 1
    • transaction with any Bank of Cyprus card through BOC Wallet App in businesses in Cyprus
    • and abroad during the above-mentioned period.
    • Every transaction is a participation in the draw.
    • Each customer can receive a cashback reward only once.
    • The following transactions do not give a right of participation in the promotion: (a) cash
    • withdrawals (b) deposits of cash or cheques (c) standing orders / direct debits (d) bank
    • commissions and charges e.g. card fees, regeneration of PIN etc. (e) transactions for the
    • payment of taxes and fees to governmental departments (including post office fees) and
    • payment of utility bills.
    • To the fullest extent that legislation permits this, Bank of Cyprus is not responsible for any
    • loss, damage or disruption at any person or property which may arise, directly or indirectly,
    • totally or partially from the acceptance of the reward
    • Bank of Cyprus can, at its sole discretion exclude any participation and prohibit any further
    • participation in the promotion to any person who interferes in any way to the participation
    • process or the smooth functioning of the draw or acts in violation of the existing Terms and
    • Conditions.
    • 10.Holders of Cards are bound by the “Terms and Conditions of Use of Cards” as well as any
    • other relevant agreement with the Bank of Cyprus that is in force from time to time
    • 11.The Bank of Cyprus reserves the right to amend the present Terms & Conditions at any time
    • by notifying Card holders accordingly
    • 12.Participation in the promotion shall be construed as full and unreserved acceptance of the
    • present Terms and Conditions and the Bank’s “Terms and Conditions of Use of Cards”
    • 13.The present Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of the Republic of Cyprus

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