10% discount at Hotels.com

Got a Visa or Mastercard? Live your dream holiday with a 10% discount at Hotels.com

Never sell your dreams cheap. Now, your dream holiday can come true by taking advantage of a discount, thanks to Bank of Cyprus which has partnered up with Hotels.com, a world-leading travel company.

You can kick back and relax, enjoying the beauty our own island has to offer, or plan your next trip overseas by getting the most affordable hotel prices. All you need to do is book using your Bank of Cyprus Visa or Mastercard.

About the offer:

  • Use your Visa or Mastercard debit/credit card to benefit from a 10% discount on bookings.
  • The discount is valid from 13/07/2020 to 31/12/2021 and relates to a stay in a hotel completed between 13/07/2020 and 31/12/2022.

Choose your destination, make your reservation at Hotels.com by using Bank of Cyprus cards and the coupon code BANKOFCYPRUS and win a 10% discount!

The coupon is not valid if:
📌 You have chosen to pay the lodge after the reservation and not during the reservation.
📌 You have chosen a property which does not participate in the program.
📌You have chosen a property (Intern chains) that are excepted.

For more information press here: https://el.hotels.com/selida/gr-hotel-exclusions/…



Hotels.com are one of the top providers of hotel lodgings in terms on online bookings, offering travelers a wide range of options, including independent lodgings, major hotel chains and apartment rentals. They are a member of the Expedia Group, one of the world's leading travel companies, partnered with more than 2,000 lodgings in Cyprus and over a million lodgings worldwide.        

Find out about the terms and conditions that apply with this offer, here

The discount can be used in combination with other offers available from Hotels.com.