Mastercard Blue

Credit limit according to your needs


  • Add your card to Apple Pay or Settle Carry out contactless payments by adding your card to Apple Pay or Settle digital products. Fast and secure transactions, anytime.
  • Participation in the antamivi Scheme The Scheme rewards points for your daily transactions with Bank of Cyprus cards.
  • Free travel insurance You are eligible for free travel insurance when using the card to pay for your trip.
  • Free Purchase Protection Insurance

    Free purchase protection insurance in Cyprus and abroad, against theft, loss and accidental damage

More information

  • The Scheme rewards you points for your daily transactions using Bank of Cyprus cards. You pick up points each time you use your card with a business participating in the scheme. You can also redeem points with these businesses, paying less or nothing at all.

  • Use your card, sign up for the Save a la Card Scheme and save money. (Save a la Card Scheme does not apply for new cards).

  • Credit limits vary depending on your needs and financial standing.

  • You can repay your account’s debit balance in equal monthly installments, according to your limit.

  • You are entitled to an interest-free period of 20 to 40 days when you repay the full balance of your card account

  • The advanced technology of contactless transactions enables you to carry out most safely and easily your daily transactions in a minimum of time. Moreover, the SMS Alert provides further protection to your card payments.

  • To be informed about Commission & Charges click here

Note: as of 01/02/2019 no new Mastercard Blue cards are issued.