Email & SMS Alerts

  • You’ve got Mail! Once you activate “Alerts” service, we'll keep you constantly updated on your account transactions, your standing orders not executed, etc.
  • Stay updated in Greek, English and Russian You may select your messages language and get updated about your account traffic, exchange rates (morning/afternoon currency rates), share prices (closing stock price), digital channels, etc.
  • You have the control of your Alerts You can create Alerts through the “Alerts” menu option to Login to 1bank or when you have a New Secure Message in 1bank.

More information

  • Alerts are auto setup to notify you for the following:

    • Standing Orders / Direct Debits not executed.
    • Change of marketing preferences.
    • Notification for new card available for pickup
    • Notification  for chequebook available for pickup
    • Start / stop paper statement
    • Change contact information (mobile telephone number, email address)
  • The following alerts are automatically opened and cannot be deleted/ removed. They include important updates to enhance your security as:

    • ATM withdrawals (for individuals and business cardholders).
    • Card purchases (for individuals and business cardholders).
    • 1bank passcode change.
    • Passcode locked after 3 consecutive incorrect attempts to login to 1bank.
    • Unlock the 1bank passcode.
    • Activation of the1bank passcode.
    • Lock/disable Digipass.
    • Lock “Security Questions” after incorrect responses.
    • Trust Device.
  • You may select different alerts like:

    • Current available balance.
    • Current balance (Above / Below  €...).
    • Debit transactions (Above / Below €...)/
    • Credit transactions (Above / Below €...)/
    • Debit cheque transactions.
    • Credit cheque transactions.
    • Standing orders.
    • Debit orders.
    • Card Account payment due.
    • Fixed deposit expiry.
    • Loan instalment.
    • eStatement availability.
    • Exchange rates.
    • Share prices.
    • 1bank login.
    • New Secure Message received in 1bank
  • You may create Alerts through the “Alerts” menu option:

    • To Login to 1bank.
    • When New Secure Message is being received in 1bank.
    • For 1bank subscribers, through the 1bank Internet Banking “Alerts” menu option. The use of the “Alerts” service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of 1bank. This applies to individuals and legal entities.
    • From any Bank of Cyprus branch by signing the relevant application – this applies only to individuals.


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