Transfers & Payments - Invoice eSettlement

Option through which you can settle instantly and securely invoice payments.

Important Information

  •  A reference number must be provided to you by the Beneficiary/Supplier Organization. Acceptance of  Invoice eSettlements is subject to this reference number which  represents you and aggregates the  amount due to the  Beneficiary / Supplier Organisation
  • Invoice eSettlements are processed real-l time, online

Process Applicable to Full Version

  • Select Account (Ordering):  Select accordingly
  • Beneficiary:  Select the supplier/organization to which you want to settle invoices
  • Reference Number:  Enter your customer reference number which is assigned to you by the specific supplier/organization. Click on search icon . The invoice numbers to be settled and total amount will be automatically displayed
  • Terms and Conditions:  Click the bar “Terms and Conditions” to read them
  • Submit:  Click to submit the transaction 
  • Digipass Code:  Enter a digipass  OTP( if required)
  • Confirm:  Click to confirm the transaction
  • Transaction Number:  The system returns a message at the top of the page, with the transaction status. Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details


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