Other Banks’ Acc/ Access Mgnt > Connect / Manage other Banks’ Accounts

Option to connect and manage other Banks’ Accounts.

General information

  • View important information for other banks’ accounts connected to your 1bank subscription
  • Connect other banks’ accounts to view important information

 For existing subscriptions

  • View the  account,  the account product, the account name, the currency, the balance and available balance and the date and time of the last update. To refresh the balance click on .

For the connection of other banks’ accounts

  • Select Bank: Select from the drop down list, the Bank with which you owned accounts and you wish to conect them
  • Subscription Alias: Enter a alias name for each subscription
  • Expiration Date: Specify the connections’ expiration date (where applicable)
  • New: Press New
  • Terms & Conditions: Accept the Terms and Conditions and press Next
  • Complete the procedure for the connection of Other Banks’ accounts