Home Page

From the Home page  , you can:

  • Read the messages sent by the Bank from time to time.  To view the full message, click on the arrow at the bottom right hand side
  • Make your transfers
  • View the balances of the connected accounts
  • View the transaction history (basic information) of any of the connected accounts. For a more detailed history, select the option Statements>Transaction History
  • View a graph with the transactions performed during the last 6 months, excluding the current month transactions, with your personal cards. The transactions are separated in different categories.  To view the analysis of a specific transaction category, click either on the piece of the pie that corresponds to the category or to the name of the category as shown at the right hand side.  Repeat to close the transaction analysis.  The option is available only for retail subscriptions. 


  • Click on the Settings icon to select whether you wish to view each of the tiles shown in this page or to change their sequence. Click on Save, to save the changes.
  • Click on  to close a specific tile.  Select YES, if you wish to keep the tile closed the next time you logon. Select NO, for closing of the tile in the current session.

For more information regarding the functionality of the different options of the Home page, refer to the corresponding Help pages for: Balances, Transfers, Transaction History.