Accounts - Transaction Status

Option through which you can view the status of all transactions carried out via Internet and Mobile Banking.

General information

  • You can view a number of details per transaction, such as the status and execution date
  • You can access a copy of the transaction containing all transaction information entered
  • You can decline pending transactions (Status Pending approval) or transactions that have a future execution date (Status Pending future execution) depending on your access level  (Create/Approver)
  • The maximum number of transactions that can be displayed on screen is 1000 (500 per page)
  • The maximum number of transactions that can be exported is1000 in pdf and xls formats and 10000 in xml
  • The xml file format presents additional useful information in relation to other formats, such as the total number of transactions displayed in the file, Transfer Commission and Total Charges for each Transaction in status Completed (the  value for Transfer Commission and Total Charges may be indicative if the transaction was completed on the day the file was exported. The final value is presented the next working day).  Read the guidelines about the status of each transaction when presented in xml format.

 Process - Applicable for Full Version

  • Account: Select accordingly
  • Search by: You can search by Creation Date or Execution Date of the transaction
  • Period: Select the period for which you want to view the transactions. Alternatively, you can select Other Period from the drop down list and enter other dates
  • Multiple Payments Response Files: It is an optional field - if you use it, other filters will not be activated: Click to view the fields relating to searching for Multiple Payments Response Files:
    • File Name: Enter the exact name of the file that was uploaded (ensure that no other file with same name was uploaded during same period, otherwise the transactions to be displayed will be for all files with same name)
    • End to end identification:  Enter the exact unique reference number of any beneficiary reported in the file.If you use this field, only transactions with this reference number will be displayed, and only these will be exported to the file if you select Export to xml.
  • Submit: Click to view the results of your search

Other options:

  • Decline: Choose any transaction in status Pending Approval or Pending (future execution) and click on Decline. The transaction status will change to Declined and will not be received by the Bank for execution
  • Filters: 1bank Transaction Type/Status/File: Select one or more of these filters to limit the search on screen (filters do not apply for  export) and click on Apply Filter. If, for instance, you wish to view the completed transactions to third parties, you can select Transfers to BOC customers in the 1bank Transaction Type filter and Status Completed in the Status filter
  • To remove the Filters, click on Clear Filter
  • Transaction Number: Click on the transaction link to view the details of the transaction. This information is available for all transactions carried out via Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Copy Transaction: Click on icon  , to automatically create a copy of a transaction without the need to re-input any details. To use this icon, you need to have Full Access level for the account that will be debited.

Transaction Status 

The Status column displays the status of the transaction. The main transaction statuses are the following:

  • Submitted: The transaction is pending in internet banking.  It has not yet been received by the banking system
  • Submitted (PendingExecution): The transaction is pending for execution in the banking system
  • Accepted: The transaction has been received and will be processed manually
  • PendingApproval: The transaction is pending for approval from other User(s) - applicable only for accounts with multiple signatures
  • Completed: The transaction has been completed successfully
  • Pending (Future Execution): The transaction is pending to be executed on the date entered
  • Declined (by User):  The transaction has been declined by a User - available only if a transaction is in status Pending (Future Execution) or Pending Approval
  • Rejected (By System): The transaction has been rejected by the banking system. Moving the mouse over the status, will reveal the rejection reason
  • Failed: The transaction failed to be executed due to an abnormal error such as system failure, future transactions that fail to be executed due to unavailability of funds
  • Expired: The transaction has expired because not all required users have approved it by the end of its execution date


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