Accounts - Details

Option through which you can view important information about each of the account connected to the subscription.

General information

(Process – Applicable for Full Version)

  • Account: Select accordingly.  The available information include the below:
    • MailingAddress: The address or PO Box where the Bank sends the statement and/or other correspondence
    • AvailableBalance: The total amount that is available for withdrawals/transfers
    • Balance: The actual balance of the account which includes amounts that have not yet cleared, such as card blocked amounts or uncleared cheques 
    • Hold amounts: Click to view a detailed analysis of the blocked funds. These may represent card purchases, cash withdrawals from another bank’s ATM or amounts blocked for other reasons. Click or  to print or save the information
    • Uncleared Cheques: Click to see a detailed analysis of all cheques that are pending to be cleared (cheques deposited in the account). Click  or to print or save the information
    • Connected / additionalcards: All cards connected to the account used for cash withdrawal/other ATM use, as well as any additional cards held by third parties (other than the owner of the account).

Special fields for Credit Cards

  • Additional information is displayed, such as the card Limit, the loyalty Scheme and Points Balance (if any), as well as the Amount and Date of the next card instalment. The information for the Loyalty Scheme and Points Balance, is available only for Woman’s Card and Card & Fly Cards.

Special fields for Loans

  • Additional information is displayed, such as the total of outstanding instalments, the next instalment amount, overdue interest as well as any overdue amounts.

Converter: Use to view all the amounts in a currency of your choice. The exchange rates used are the daily rates of the Bank.


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