Accounts - Balances

Option through you can view the balance and available balance of all connected accounts, as well as other important information


(Process – Applicable for Full Version)

  • View the last 10 or the transactions of the last 30 days by clicking on the relevant icons  and  located next to the account number/alias
  • Click on account number/alias to view more information about the specific account
  • Click on the green leaf icon to start receiving paper statement for the specific account  (charges apply)
  • Click on the grey leaf icon to stop receiving paper statement for the specific account
  • To change the name of an account (ie MY CURRENT ACCOUNT) or to change the order of display of your accounts, click on icon Customize. The changes are effective only for the drop down lists of Internet Banking
  • If you change the name of an account, you can view the number of the account by moving the cursor over the account name you specified
  • Select Account Type and/or Currency from the filtering fields. Click on Apply Filter to view the specific information or Clear Filter to clear the filtering criteria
  • Converter: Use this option to view the amounts in a currency of your choice. The exchange rates used are the daily rates of the Bank.


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