Service and Product Offering

BoC Global Corporate Banking & Markets offers complete banking and investment solutions to our shipping partners.

Our clients have also access to the whole range of the Bank’s services, including Corporate Finance and Real Estate Finance.

  • Shipping Finance
  • Payment Services and Electronic Banking

    SWIFT and SEPA transfers, direct debits, payroll services.

  • Deposit Products

    Deposit Products include current accounts in major currencies, fixed deposits, fiduciary services.

  • Treasury Products

    Treasury Products with a wide range of solutions including FX products, interest hedging and other structured products.

  • Wealth Management and Private Banking services
  • Operational Banking

    Operational Banking including L/Cs and Gurantees.

  • Credit & Trade Finance Facilities
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management services
  • Global Brokerage execution
  • Custodian Services

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