For Steady Savings

The Steady Savings Account offers you the ability to specify a fixed amount and have it automatically transferred each month from an account of your choice to your savings account.


  • Up to two withdrawals per year, regardless of the amount, without notice or charge
  •  Ability to increase or decrease your monthly savings amount at any time
  • Ability to skip saving up to twice a year without losing the account privileges


  • 12-month term account
  • Ability to withdraw your total savings after the 12-month term has elapsed
  • Reduced interest rate if you make three withdrawals
  • The minimum initial deposit and savings amount is €30 per month
  • The maximum monthly saving amount is €500
  • Save using a current or savings account
  • Automatic account renewal at the Scheme’s interest rate on the renewal date.

 Learn about the interest rate and compare it with other deposit options here


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