e-Fixed Deposit

Online and with high returns

The online e-fixed deposit Term Account offers you the opportunity to receive a high return on your money with just a few clicks on 1bank Internet Banking.

• Opening an account is easy and fast without need to complete and sign any forms
• No need for you to visit our branches
• No bank charges.

• Available only to individuals with a 1Bank subscription.
• Can be opened in euro, provided you already have an account in this currency and from which you will be transferring money to the e-Fixed deposit account.
• The linked account should be a current, instant access or savings account.
• If a third party account or shared account is charged for opening the account, then digipass limits/restrictions shall apply.
• The minimum initial deposit amount is €1000.
• The interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the deposit, and is set at the beginning of the term.
• Upon renewal, earned interest is added to the e-Fixed deposit account or transferred to a linked account according to your instructions.
• You can use the 1Bank service to send a secure message with instructions for managing your account at least 3 days before the expiration/renewal of the e-Fixed deposit.
• Upon renewal, the e-Fixed deposit balance can only be increased by debiting the customer’s personal account.
• There is an early account repayment charge.

Interest Rates:


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