Interest rates and charges

Both the interest rates for your personal loan and the charges payable over the loan term are shown in detail below.

Interest rates

Loans Loan options Pricing for EUR-denominated loans APR Estimated loan installment Total payable amount 
Variable interest rate

Personal Guarantee

Bank Base Rate + 4.00% 8,89% €202,34 €12.287,05

Tangible Security

Bank Base Rate + 2.75% 7,53% €196,41 €11.932,09
  •  The Bank’s base rate is 3,90%.
  •  The APR (annual percentage rate) has been calculated for a loan of € 10,000 repayable over 5 years with arrangement fees of 1,00% and documentation fees of € 50.


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The Bank reserves the right to reject any request at its discretion and to withdraw any product at any time. The interest rate and loan instalment may be changed by the Lender from time to time.

You run the risk of losing your real estate assets if you fail to keep up mortgage instalments or instalments on any other loan secured by a mortgage on your property.

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