Your new car

You could be sitting behind the steering wheel of your new car faster than you might have imagined. We have flexible solutions for you, and if you think green we will reward you with our Green Bonus..

  •  The interest rate is variable, and is set depending on the type of car (new / second-hand) and the size of the down payment (the higher the down payment the lower the interest rate).
  •  The repayment term depends on the type of car and the level of instalments: lower instalments increase the overall duration compared to higher instalments. A longer repayment period is offered for new cars compared to second-hand cars.
  • The agreement is based on hire purchase terms and conditions. Once it is approved, the seller is paid and the car is immediately transferred into your name and that of the Bank of Cyprus. After the repayment  the car is transferred to your name, after you pay a small token amount to the Bank as the purchase fee.

 To learn more about the interest rates click  here.


Green Bonus Plan

Our Green Bonus Plan rewards you by offering a specific amount as a gift if you decide to purchase an environmentally-friendly car. The level of that bonus depends on the amount of the financing.

The Green Bonus Plan is available for the following categories:

  •  Hybrid vehicles
  •  Dual propulsion vehicles (i.e. vehicles powered by two energy sources such as natural gas, liquid gas, liquid fuel combined with electricity (also know as Fuel Flexible Vehicles (FFVs).
  •  Electric vehicles
  •  Vehicles with lower CO2 emission (=<90g CO2/km)
Duration  Amount in € Green Bonus in €
4 years or more





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