Deposit and save money fast, easily and electronically from your computer.

The new electronic deposit account “e-Notice” offered in four options (8, 35, 90 and 180 days notice), can be opened instantly, electronically and without the need for completion and signing of documents, just by clicking on Bank of Cyprus’ “1bank” internet banking service.

The e-Notice account is a deposit account that offers high credit interest rate and can be used for transfers without any charge, provided you input in advance  the notice withdrawal of your choice (8, 35, 90 ή 180 days).

With the e-Notice electronic account, you can:

  • make transfer of up to €500 per day from your e-Notice account, without the need for inputting a notice withdrawal
  • input automatically your notice withdrawals for the amounts you want to transfer from your e-Notice to any other account
  • make deposits (transfers into your e-Notice) without any restriction on the frequency or the amount of deposit
  • have your monthly salary or any other income (subsidies, allowances, rents) deposited automatically into your account
  • enjoy a higher credit interest rate, just by increasing the notice type (8, 35, 90 and 180 days) of your account
  • manage your account at any time (24 hours a day) through the internet and 1bank

It is important to note that:

  • the e-Notice account is available only to individuals who are subscribers of 1bank internet banking service
  • to open the account, you must transfer at least €200 from any other existing account that you own or you are authorised to handle
  • the account can be opened only on the name of the 1bank subscriber and cannot be a joint account
  • the account has no expiry date
  • the usage of the account can be done only through the Digital Channels of the Bank (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATM)
  • the credit interest is calculated on the daily balance
  • the Branch network can only be used for closing the account (i.e. cash withdrawals can be done via the ATM but not from within a branch)
  • the currency of the account is Euro
  • the account statement will be available electronically only

Please click here for the credit interest rates table, applicable to the e Notice electronic account

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