e-Fixed Deposit

The e-fixed deposit account can be opened easily through 1 bank, offers high return on your money and pays interest at the end of the selected period.

It can be opened instantly, electronically and without the need for completion and signing of documents, just by clicking on Bank of Cyprus’ “1bank” internet banking service.

 The main characteristics are the following:

  • the e-fixed deposit is available only to individuals who are subscribers of 1bank internet banking service
  • The currency of the account is EURO provided that you have a connected account at the same currency.
  • Transfers from credit card accounts are not permitted
  • Digipass limits and restrictions are applied when third party or joint accounts are debited for opening a new e-fixed deposit
  • There is a minimum deposit amount of €1.000
  • The interest rate is set at the start of the term and remains fixed over the duration of the deposit, and it is not affected by any interest rate fluctuations.
  • Upon the renewal of the e-fixed deposit account, interest is added to the e-fixed deposit or an affiliate account based on your instructions
  • Maintenance instructions for your account, (transfer of amounts, change of terms etc.), can be sent to the Bank with a secure message through 1bank, at least 3 days prior to the expiration/renewal of the account.  Increase of the balance of the e fixed deposit at the renewal of the account is allowed only by debiting another personal account of the owner of the e fixed deposit.
  • There is a penalty fee for withdrawal of amounts before the expiry date

Find out here the interest rate and compare it with other deposit offerings here

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