Extra security with Digipass

Digipass security devices

The security of your personal details has always been our priority. The Digipass device offers you an additional level of security for your transactions.

Features and benefits 

  • higher level of security with the Digipass device fortransfers to third parties through the 1bank channels (internet, phone, and mobile phone)
  •  the Digipass device generates one-time dynamic secret codes who are used in addition to your User ID and Passcode
  •  Digipass technology enhances the security of electronic transactions, without the need to install new software or hardware on your computer
  •  in case you lose your device no one can use it without knowing your User ID and Passcode. The device is completely personal.


Which device is suitable for your needs?

There are 2 types of Digipass devices, creating one-time dynamic secret codes. Both devices are easy to use and operate with a battery that lasts 3-5 years.The battery of the device cannot be replaced. In the case of “low battery” you need to order a new device.

  • Digipass Go 3 is used for transfers to third parties.
  • Digipass 320 can be used for the following operations:
    • to access the 1bank channels,
    • for executing transfers to third parties
    • for sending fax instructions to the branch where your account is held.

Disposal of a digipass device

A digipass device is considered an Electrical/Electronic equipment. It is very important that this device is not disposed as normal household waste.

For more information regarding the safe disposal of the digipass device, click here.

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