24/7 updates through email & sms Alerts

With the new “Alerts” service the Bank of Cyprus keeps you constantly updated about your account movements and more...


By activating the service you will receive SMS and/or emails for:

    1. Account transactions
    2. Exchange rates
    3. Share prices for CSE and ASE



You can choose different alerts, such as:

    • Current available balance
    • Current balance (Above / Below €...)
    • Debit transactions (Above / Below €...)
    • Credit transactions (Above / Below €...)
    • Debit cheque transactions
    • Credit cheque transactions
    • Direct Debits
    • Direct Credits
    • Card account payment due
    • Fixed deposit expiry
    • Exchange rates
    • Closing stock prices


You may also select the language of your alerts (Greek, English or Russian).


Debit and credit card transactions and ATM withdrawals are already sent to all Bank of Cyprus customers.


How can you activate the “Alerts” service:

    1. Using the 1bank internet banking service, if you are a 1bank user - applies for individuals and companies. Use of the Alerts service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of 1bank.


    1. From any Bank of Cyprus branch after signing the relevant application - applies only for individuals.


For more information contact the 1bank service:

  • 800 00 800 or +357 22 128000 (if calling from abroad), Monday to Friday 07:45-20:00
CONTACT US 800 00 800 / (+357) 2212 8000 EMAIL US