Multiple Signatures

1bank enables business subscribers to execute their financial transactions with multiple signatures schemes, ensuring that before the execution of a transfer, all the necessary approvals are provided.

With the use of multiple signatures, subscribers can create, approve or decline transactions, depending on the access level defined.

Multiple Signatures can be setup for all the Transfers and Payments and for the stop payment of cheques. Each user can have a Create, Confirm or/and Execute access. In addition, different financial limits can be applied per account for each user.


  • Multiple access levels depending on the functional role in the company.
  • Define transaction limits.
  • Additional security for transfers.
  • Monitoring of transactions. Ability to modify or reject the transaction submitted before the execution.
  • Ability to save and print your instructions.
  • Additional level of security by using the Digipass device.
  • Reduced charges provided by 1bank.

For more information about Multiple Signatures, please contact 1bank at 800 00 800 (+357 22 128000 for international calls) between 07:45 – 21:30 (Monday - Friday).

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