Reduce your banking expenses

What you should know to reduce your banking expeneses

We believe it is our responsibility to give you the necessary information to help you reduce all your banking expenses. Please talk with your personal banker who is always ready to help you plan the most suitable banking solution that meets your needs..


What do we mean by the term banking expenses?

We mean any cost you are asked to pay to the bank, either in the form of interest and expenses, or as a charge for a transaction, loan, deposit, or other services.


How can I avoid banking expenses and charges?

  • Select the correct product (such as type of loan) that meets your needs and requirements, making sure from the beginning that it is repaid regularly.
  • Plan correctly the repayment of your loan in accordance with your own financial capabilities, so as to avoid delaying payment of your instalments. Make payments on the date agreed in advance with your personal banker.
  • pay regular expenses through an automated method, e.g. with a bank order; thus, you don’t need to worry about additional expenses from missing out an instalments.
  • use alternative payment methods; for example, pay by cheque, use our internet banking, or withdraw cash from our large number of ATMs. The use of the alternative service channels also eliminates waiting time in branches, time to find a parking space, travel expenses etc.
  • use Cisco Trading (online) for your stock market transactions.


How can I take advantage of bank products in a more “intelligent” way?

Make sure you are informed regularly by your personal banker on new products, offers and benefits provided by our plans. In addition, you can manage intelligently your daily transactions using, for example, the card discount programmes, such as AMEX, Selects etc., which offer you discounts in restaurants and shops, but also the advantage of our interest-free use of money for 45 days – if you fully repay the amount by the due date.


When should I pay my instalment to avoid additional expenses?

Make sure you don’t delay payment of your instalments. If your agreement specifies, for instance, the 20th of each month but you pay on the 30th, you will incur a fixed monthly amount and an additional interest rate on the amount you paid late. In such case, you can contact your personal banker to change your payment date to the 30th of each month.


What happens in case I have difficulties meeting my commitments for a long period?

In case you cannot meet your financial obligations please contact in time your personal banker and solve the problem with a new agreement that meets your needs.


How can I reduce the total amount of my instalments to the Bank?

The first simple move is to “tidy up” your obligations, so that you can enjoy lower total instalment payments. For example, if you have many small loans and cards with a high repayment, it’s advisable to get a larger loan in order to have better control and lower instalments. In addition, you can reduce the amount of your existing instalments by increasing the duration of their repayment. Discuss your existing loans with your personal banker and make sure to be kept informed about any new products so that together you can choose an alternative banking solution that better responds to your financial capabilities.

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