Interest rates and charges


Both the interest rates for your housing loan and the charges which may be payable over the loan term are shown in detail below.




Estimated loan instalment in Euro

Total payable amount

Renovation of Own Home

BBHR + 0,40% (contribution >40%)




BBHR + 0,50% (contribution <=40%)




Euribor 6M + 3,25%




Renovation of Holiday Home


BBHR + 0,90% (contribution >40%)




BBHR + 1,00% (contribution <=40%)




Euribor 6M + 3,50%




The Bank base rate for housing loans is 2.03% 

Euribor6M: The Bank sets a minimum percentage of 0% for Euribor 6m.


  •  *The APR was calculated on 15/09/2017 for a loan of € 100,000, 15 years repayment (180 instalments), with variable interest rate (as shown on the table above). The APR and the total payable amount include all stamp costs for the documents of the financing and a mortgage registration fee (1%) paid to the Land Registry. The example assumes that the client will provide life and fire insurance which will be assigned and the property will be mortgaged for the benefit of the Bank.
  • The above schemes are not charged with initial bank charges and valuation fees


To learn more about charges, click here.

The Bank reserves the right to turn down any request at its discretion and to withdraw any product at any time. Loans are only available where the applicant provides the Bank with asset-based collateral which in its view is satisfactory. The interest rate and instalment for housing loans can be changed by the Lender from time to time.

You run the risk of losing your real estate assets if you fail to keep up mortgage instalments or instalments on any other loan secured by a mortgage on your property

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