Notice Account



By choosing a notice account you can make withdrawals (partly or even all of the balance) free of charge after you give a specific number of days notice. It is you who decides the number of days notice  required ranging from 8, 35, 90 or 180 days.


For example. if you have a notice account that requires 35 days notice and you know that in the future you will need a specific amount of money, all you have to do is notify any branch 35 days before the withdrawal date. Once the 35 days are up, you can withdraw the money (all or part of the amount you stated) free of charge.

It is important to know that:

  •  You can automatically have your salary paid into the account.
  •  You can make direct debits from the account to pay loan instalments, insurance premiums and so on by setting up a standing order.
  • You can automatically pay public utility bills, subscriptions, etc. by setting up a direct debit.
  •  You can easily access your account using our Digital Service Channels (available via the internet or over the phone).
  •  The account allows you to make an unlimited number of deposits as often as you want for as much as you want.
  •  Interest on the account is calculated based on the daily balance of the account.
  •  The account has no expiry date.
  •  If you urgently need to withdraw money from the account without giving notice, there will be a financial cost to be paid.

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