"Flexible" Savings Account



Save as much as you want, whenever you want. "Flexible" savings account is a convenient account for those of you who can't save on a steady manner. For 6 months you can save as much as you wish and if  during the next 6 months you double the amount you will be rewarded with a bonus interest rate.



  • The initial deposit required is €30.
  • The maximum amount you can deposit is €2.000 a month.
  • You can only withdraw money  after a 12-month period has elapsed. If you need money before then you may contact your personal banker.
  • If you double the balance, you saved in the first 6 month period, during the second 6 months, the interest rate will increase by 0.50% effective from the date on which the balance was doubled, and applicable until the account's expiry date.
  • The account is for a 12-month period and is automatically renewed at the interest rate available for this product on the renewal date.

Find out the interest rate and compare it with other deposit offerings here 

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