"Steady" Savings Account




Save steadily  without even realising it. Just choose the amount you wish to save monthly and we will automatically  transfer it to your savings account every month.




  • An initial deposit of €30 is required.
  • You can withdraw money from the account up to twice a year, free of charge without giving any notice. In case of a third withdrawal within the year, the accounts interest rate will decrease accordingly to the interest rate applying for the "Traditional" savings account. 
  • You can, of course, increase or decrease the amount you save steadily at any time.
  • The minimum amount you can deposit every month is €30 and the maximum amount €500.
  • You can deposit in your "Steady" savings account through your current or savings account.
  • If at any given time your account does not have adequate funds to be transferred to the "Steady" savings account, your instruction will not be executed.
  • You may not deposit money up to twice a year without losing the benefits the "Steady" savings account.
  • The account is for a 12-month period and is automatically renewed at the interest rate available for this product on the renewal date
  • You can withdraw the total amount saved only after the 12-month period has elapsed. If you need money before, then you should contact your personal banker.

Find out the interest rate and compare it with other deposit offerings here 

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