Kids Saving account



Start saving today for the future by opening a Kids savings account. The Kids Savings account enables you to save steadily for your childen until their adulthood, with a preferential rate as well as other benefits.



  • The minimum initial deposit required is € 30 and the maximum is €500.
  • The minimum fixed monthly amount that can be deposited is €30 and the maximum is €500.
  • You can, of course, increase or decrease the amount you steadily save at any time.
  • In addition to the fixed monthly amount that you decide to save, you can also make extra deposits of up to € 500 a month at any of our branches.
  • If you save for more than 6 years, your child can apply for a student loan three times the amount of money saved in the Kids account and benefit from a 0.50% reduction in the loan's interest rate.
  • The account has a preferential interest rate
  • The account is for a 12-month period and is automatically renewed  at the interest rate available for this product on the renewal date
  • The money in the account can only be withdrawn when the child turns 18 and only where he or she signs the withdrawal slip in person.
  • If necessary you may be able to withdraw money before the child reaches the age of 18 by obtaining a court order to that effect.

 Find out the interest rate and compare it with other deposit offerings here 

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