Our investment process

With banking knowledge spanning over a century, we understand our clients and constantly aim to anticipate their diverse needs. In response, we continually strive to improve our processes and create bespoke solutions that are suitable to your unique circumstances and investment objectives.

In this context we have developed a structured advisory process that consists of four steps:

1. Appreciating your needs: we believe in building long-term partnerships with you, which his why we appoint dedicated private bankers, who analyze your immediate and long-term, needs.

2. Defining your investment profile: through our holistic relationship management we are able to assess your risk profile and assist you in reaching the appropriate decisions concerning your wealth.

3. Implementation of a strategy: by choosing an investment mix which will provide the optimal risk / return combination based on your reference currency, risk category and investment objectives, we ensure that your portfolio is constructed to fit your specific requirements.

4. Evaluating Performance: our in-house investment strategy professionals enable us to constantly monitor market developments and to tactically position your portfolio with a view to protect your wealth and achieve your investment objectives.

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