The Bank of Cyprus at the Global Russia Business Meeting

The Russian market is of strategic importance

The Bank of Cyprus participated at the International Conference titled Global Russia Business Meeting, recently held in Cyprus, stressing in this way the importance it attaches to the Russian market. The Conference focused on issues relating to the challenges and opportunities of the Russian economy and the country’s business activity in the new investment environment.

The Bank of Cyprus could not possibly be absent from the deliberations of such a Conference, whose object is in full line with and confirms the Group’s strategic orientation up to this day.

More specifically, the Bank was represented at the Global Russia Business Meeting with three distinguished executives who spoke at the Conference: the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uniastrum Bank, a subsidiary of the Bank of Cyprus in Russia, Mr. George Piskov, the General Manager Group Markets of the Bank of Cyprus Group, Mr. Christakis Patsalides and the Senior Manager of International Banking Services, Mr. Louis Pohanis.

The Russian market is a priority for the strategic orientation of the Bank of Cyprus Group. In this context, infrastructure systems such as technology, risk and staff management are being streamlined whilst the experience and knowledge of the executives of the two Banking Organisations - the Bank of Cyprus and Uniastrum Bank - are being utilised in view of the design of innovative systems aimed at increased penetration in the Russian market.

In addition to the importance of the Russian market for the Bank, Cyprus is a gateway for Russian businessmen in their plans to expand their activities to Europe and the rest of the world. This fully supports the objective of strengthening the position of Cyprus as an international financial centre.

During the Global Russia Business Meeting, many of the Russian associates of the Bank of Cyprus expressed their appreciation with references to the high standard of services it provides whilst the Bank underlined its commitment to continue to contribute to the development of Russian investments.

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