Students Awards

The Bank of Cyprus awards top final-year students and pupils

By honouring diligence, conscientiousness and the earnest effort of youth for learning, the Bank of Cyprus awarded on 6 July 2011, 130 final-year students and pupils from schools of Secondary and Tertiary Education of Cyprus who excelled.

During the award ceremony, which was honoured by the presence of the Minister of Education, Mr. Andreas Demetriou, and the Mayor of Nicosia, Ms. Eleni Mavrou, the Managing Director of the Bank of Cyprus Group, Mr. Andreas Eliades, stressed that these young people are worthy of being awarded since despite the hard days in which we are living, they dared to set goals and achieved them by excelling adding: «I am looking at you in the eyes and I want to honestly tell you that things are not as easy as they used to be for all of us, but with young people like you who look ahead, who do not allow any obstacle to stop them from dreaming and setting goals, things will definitely get better and I am saying this to you with confidence and without wanting to prettify things».

In his speech, Mr. Eliades also mentioned that the Bank of Cyprus, as an organisation with a vision and leader not only in financial affairs but also in the implementation of the latest technological evolutions, walks hand in hand with the new generation, which is synonymous to growth and technology.

Lastly, the Managing Director of the Group thanked the children from Rizokarpaso by pointing out that "It would be an omission on my part not to particularly refer to the presence of the children from Rizokarpaso, of these young people who unwittingly carry on their shoulders the burdens of yesterday and today, of these young people who survive under difficult circumstances, giving us lessons of life and patriotism».

The event ended with the presentation of Myrtani Pieri, winner of the Famelab Pan-European Competition and with a music programme by Loukas Yiorkas.


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