Hospitality offered to Students and Teachers in Athens

Following last year’s successful hospitality offered to students and teachers in Athens, the Bank of Cyprus recently organised a similar trip. The educational delegation comprised 19 students and 19 teachers from 19 different Elementary Schools in Cyprus, officials of the Ministry of Education and Culture and an escort from the Bank’s Communications Department.

The delegation left for Athens early Friday morning and, the same evening, the Bank of Cyprus offered dinner at a meze restaurant in the area of Psyri, where students and teachers had the opportunity to get to know each other better and develop new friendships. The dinner was also attended by students and teachers from schools in Greece taking part in the Oikade programme. On Saturday morning, the delegation visited the exhibition and watched the award ceremony of the Panhellenic Student Art Competition titled “If only trees could speak…”, organised by Oikade and the Museum of Greek Children’s Art. The children had the opportunity to see interesting works of art from all over Greece and also took part in creative environment-related activities. On Saturday afternoon the delegation visited the Acropolis Museum and admired the splendour of the ancient Greek civilisation through a guided tour. Then followed a voluntary visit to the Athens Planetarium. The last stop of the trip was the Attica Zoo on Sunday morning, with its truly impressive and magnificent natural environment and the large number of animal species. The members of the delegation returned to Cyprus on Sunday afternoon, having made new friends and bringing home beautiful memories.

The Director of Primary Education Mr. Elpidoforos Neocleous expressed his warmest thanks to the Bank for the hospitality and congratulated it once again for the Oikade Programme, through which “teachers and students from 150 Greek schools across the world come closer together, exchanging views and ideas”. In conclusion, he expressed the wish that the Programme and its activities will continue in the years to come.

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