Oikade 2011-2012 event

Bank of Cyprus held on Thursday 17 May 2012 a closing event for the school year 2011-2012 of Oikade educational programme. Utilising the technology potential offered by the internet, Oikade has brought closer together young children of Greek origin, with their teachers’ support created their own communication network. This has provided them with a unique opportunity to get to know children of the same age from all around the world, exchange with them knowledge and information, learn about each other’s customs and actively participate in a global children’s community. During the event a live link with the primary schools of Rizokarpaso (Turkish-occupied) in Cyprus and Sidirokastro, a remote village in Greece was successfully held.

In the current era of globalisation, Oikade’ s simple operation has been proven fruitful: children from 150 primary schools in Cyprus and Greece, and from Greek-speaking schools elsewhere, are divided up into teams and use the internet (www.oikade.gr) to hold live chat sessions. Each class invites the other classes to enjoy a unique tour around their homeland, with the main target to enhance the lingual and cultural identity of Greeks.

New schools join the Oikade programme every year with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus; the ultimate target is to have gradually all primary schools joining the programme.

Oikade was established in 1999 as part of the festivities for the Bank’s 100th birthday. Bank of Cyprus has since then continuously sponsored and developed the programme Oikade in return for the trust of the public that supports the bank throughout time. Oikade is operated with the support of the Greek and Cypriot Ministries of Education and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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