IMPORTANT Security Information

Following the Association of Cyprus Banks' announcement on the 16th of May, 2014, with the subject "Fraud by telephone, email and internet",Bank of Cyprus would like to inform its customers the following:


Important Security Information to all our customers

Bank of Cyprus never asks you for any personal details through emails, pop up windows and banners. Never reveal through the internet or email or through any other electronic media your personal details such as User IDs, Passcodes, Digipass codes, card numbers, bank account numbers etc.

If you happen to receive an email or other electronic communication asking you to enter or confirm your Βank of Cyprus personal details, please do not reply as it will be fraudulent. Please forward any suspicious emails to:

If you think you may have revealed your personal details in any way please contact us immediately on:
800 00 800 or +357 22128000 if calling from abroad
Monday to Friday between 07:45 and 20:00

CONTACT US 800 00 800 / (+357) 2212 8000 EMAIL US