Drawing Competition for children in Russia

Uniastrum Bank, member of the Bank of Cyprus Group, has organized an online drawing competition for children in Russia as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. The ‘‘Sunny Island’’ drawing competition was organised in cooperation with Russian banking portal banki.ru and supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

The competition ran for two aged groups 6-8 and 9-12 years old respectively. The participants submitted online their drawings on a micro-website that was created for the purpose of this competition. The subject of the drawings should be a ‘Sunny Island’ depicting images such as the sea, sun, bread, oranges, olive trees, history and culture, myths and legends, people, arts and crafts, the Mediterranean and Cyprus.

The winners of the initial stages were decided through online voting by the visitors to the micro-website of the competition. The Sunny Island competition attracted more than 1.500 children with a total of 1.657 entries for which 90.000 visitors voted. The final winners were selected by a panel of judges. The prize for the first winner in each category was a holiday package for Cyprus.

Olesya Redina, the winner of the 9-12 age group, travelled to Cyprus last week accompanied by her mother. Mr Yiannis Kypri, Bank of Cyprus Group Deputy CEO, hosted little Olesya at the Bank’s Headquarters. Mr Kypri referred in general to the Group’s social contribution and more specifically to the support provided by the Group to its group members abroad to hold similar events as apart of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

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