China Offshore Summit 2011

The Bank of Cyprus Sponsors and Participates

in the China Offshore Summit  2011


Τhe Bank of Cyprus was one of the main sponsors and speakers at the China Offshore Summit 2011 – Global Investment Strategies, which was held with great success on 26-27 October 2011 in Shanghai, China.


The aim of the two-day conference was to provide an in-depth analysis of the investment and business options from China towards other countries. Leading financial firms, brokers, lawyers and accountants specializing in international business as well as many investors from China took part at the event. The participation of a large number of lawyers and accountants from Cyprus reflects the importance of the Conference for Cypriot professionals engaged in international business.


The Bank of Cyprus was represented at the Conference by Mr. Charis Pistos and Mr. Ηui Zhou, who had the opportunity to present Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus Group to all the delegates during lunch offered by the Bank on the first day of the Conference. Moreover, on the second day of the Conference, Mr. Charis Pistos was one of the speakers at the open debate titled: Emerging and Established Onshore Financial Centers Discussion: London, Singapore, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Austria, Cyprus, Dubai”, where he presented the advantages that Cyprus offers as an international business centre and, by extension, the use of Cypriot Companies in international investment and tax planning. 


The Bank of Cyprus attaches great importance to the promising Chinese market, which it studies with great interest. It is reminded that the first step in view of the penetration of the Bank in the Chinese market was taken on 18 January 2011 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with China Development Bank Corporation. 


The delegation of the Bank of Cyprus was fully satisfied with the response of Chinese businessmen and the interest shown both for Cyprus and the Bank of Cyprus Group.





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