CISCO sponsors and participates in the 2nd Pension Forum

In the context of its policy for supporting informative events in the investment sector, CISCO, a member of the Bank of Cyprus Group, was one of the sponsors of the 2nd Pension Forum recently held in Nicosia.

The Pension Forum was a great success and tackled current issues on Provident and Pension Funds such as investment solutions for Funds, obligations and pension risk management practices, trends for the proper governance of funds and techniques for the management of members’ benefits and services.

In his speech at the Forum, Mr. Demetris Taxitaris, CISCO Fund Manager, explained the reasons for which Funds should have complete investment portfolios, giving information on inflation indexes over time and on the nominal and real returns from deposits and bonds in Cyprus and the European area in relation to the long-term investment objectives of the Funds.

Mr. Taxitaris stressed the significance of both investment dispersion, which should be applied in all investment categories, and selectivity in the current environment, since various sectors or geographical areas or specific investments perform and behave differently.

He also stated that the Bank of Cyprus has been offering for many years a complete range of management and advisory services to Pension Funds on financial products internationally.

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