Bank of Cyprus, first company in Cyprus to join the Business Integrity Forum (BIF)

Bank of Cyprus, as part of its support of actions and activities aimed at boosting transparency, is the first Cypriot company to become a member of the Business Integrity Forum (BIF).

The Business Integrity Forum has been established in Cyprus through a collaboration of Transparency International-Cyprus and Transparency International. The forum’s goal is to promote transparency and accountability in doing business in Cyprus, via the assessment of member-companies as well as the exchange of good business practices in and outside Cyprus. Moreover it establishes a lasting relationship between the business community and Transparency International-Cyprus.

The principles governing membership to the program are a commitment to:

  • operate at high standards of integrity and transparency
  • apply corporate policy to combat bribery and corruption across all the company’s operations
  • put in place monitoring and assessment procedures to ensure effective compliance with corporate policy
  • ensure compliance with corporate policy to combat bribery and corruption

By implementing practices which promote accountability, transparency and corporate governance, Bank of Cyprus is investing in this collaboration and aims to achieve the highest possible standards of professional integrity as well as to share essential principles and values, for a society of greater transparency.

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