Bank of Cyprus is named best bank in Cyprus

Euromoney, the internationally reputable magazine, has named Bank of Cyprus “The Best Bank in Cyprus for 2015.”

The best bank award is presented to banks which stand out for their dynamic profile on global and local markets and which distinguish themselves from their competitors.

The best bank is selected following rigorous analysis of each bank’s quantitative and qualitative metrics.

In addition, John P. Hourican, Group Chief Executive officer of Bank of Cyprus, was named Banker of the Year.

“John’s task when he became CEO was to restore the bank after the wholesale collapse of the Cypriot banking system, the imposition of capital controls and the bail-in of depositors,” Euromoney said.

Receiving the award, Mr. Hourican said: “These awards honour the extraordinary efforts of the wider management team, and all the employees of Bank of Cyprus, in stabilising Cyprus’ leading financial services group.”

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